Divorce, Child Custody, and Child Support

A trusted family lawyer known for her compassionate counsel, Alane M. Ortega is a great resource to turn to in the midst of both amicable and contentious divorces. She will assist you through the intricacies of the legal proceedings that surround child custody, child support, and several other legal matters. During this difficult time, you can place your trust in Ortega & Ortega, PLLC.

Child Custody

Child custody can be an incredibly divisive issue; if both parents believe that they deserve sole custody, the result could be a long and drawn-out courtroom ordeal. Alane Ortega understands how easily a custody battle can rip a family apart, but she also knows that children can come to great harm if the wrong parent is awarded sole custody. She seeks to facilitate amicable custody arrangements whenever possible, but if this is not a viable approach, she will utilize the aggressive courtroom tactics needed to ensure that custody is given to the appropriate party. In cases involving joint custody, Alane Ortega can assist with the creation of a residential plan that both parents can abide by — and more importantly, a plan that meets the child’s needs.

Child Support

In Arizona, a complex formula is used to determine how much each parent owes in child support. Ultimately, child support obligations depend on the amount of time parents spend with their children, as well as the income of each parent. Planning for the future can be difficult when child support hangs in the balance, but Alane M. Ortega can help you determine how much you can expect to pay or how much you will receive in child support.

If you have lost your job or recently incurred significant medical expenses, you may be eligible for a child support modification. Alane Ortega will guide you through this complicated process and help you adjust your child support obligations to better reflect your current financial situation.

Alane M. Ortega: Trusted Counsel For Family Matters

Whether you require counsel for the collaborative process or zealous defense in litigation-based divorce proceedings, you can count on Ortega & Ortega to provide the high-quality legal service you desire. Reach out to Ortega & Ortega, PLLC to lean more about the various approaches to divorce you can take, and how these approaches may prove beneficial in your unique situation.

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