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A medical marijuana card does not negate DUI laws

On Behalf of | Nov 7, 2020 | Cannabis Law, Criminal Defense

While many DUI charges stem from drunk driving, it’s important to note that driving while under the influence of any drug — such as marijuana — can lead to DUI charges. You are simply not allowed to be under the influence of an outside substance while behind the wheel. 

One area where people sometimes make mistakes in their understanding of this law is when it comes to medical marijuana. You may have a medical card and know that you can buy and use marijuana legally. You’re not taking the drug to get high. It’s a legitimate medication that you’re taking to help with something like anxiety or chronic pain. 

As such, it’s easy to assume that you can drive after taking it. You’re just using your medicine, right? You should still be able to drive without having to worry about getting a DUI, correct?

The truth, though, is that nothing exempts you from the DUI laws. If you’re under the influence, pulling out your medical marijuana card and telling the officer that you used marijuana legally is not going to change anything. Remember, that officer did not stop your car because he or she thought you were breaking drug laws and using drugs illegally. They stopped your car for being under the influence while driving. That arrest can still happen, even if you never broke the law when buying or taking the marijuana. 

If you do get arrested, you have a lot at stake. Make sure you fully understand the laws and the legal options at your disposal. A drugged driving charge can have serious consequences for your future, so get help with your defense as soon as possible.