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How can other people’s road rage affect you?

On Behalf of | Aug 17, 2022 | Personal Injury

Whether you are traveling for a vacation or just heading to your job, spending time on the road can sometimes lead to you dealing with another person’s erratic driving.

When you notice people swerving or braking suddenly or otherwise acting aggressively, you may wonder what to do. Road rage can affect anyone, and it is particularly dangerous to underestimate how other people react to it.

Increase in speeding

According to NBC News, a car driven by someone who is angry can often pick up speed faster because the driver is less concerned about following road rules. This person could fail to use the brakes in time to avoid a crash or may even purposefully go over the speed limit to chase another vehicle.

You could struggle to avoid this car since its driver could keep trying to pull up beside you or behind you on the road.

Increase in conflict

In some cases, a person may corner you and try to get you to step out of your car. When this happens, they could then try to harm you or attack you.

While this type of scenario may not be common, the mentality behind the intense anger this person feels is a sign that road rage can create extreme conflict between people.

Increase in risky behaviors

Some angry drivers may completely ignore red lights or stop signs in order to pursue another vehicle. They could also drive off the road or on sidewalks to reach their destination faster. Tailgating is another tactic that people with road rage may use to intimidate you.

Being aware of how this phenomenon affects you and other drivers can help you identify and avoid dangerous behaviors that could lead to an accident.