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3 things to keep in mind when overtaking trucks

On Behalf of | Oct 15, 2021 | Personal Injury

There are many potential hazards on the roads in Arizona, even at the best of times. However, certain vehicular maneuvers present a heightened risk of collision.

One circumstance that poses a significant safety risk to drivers is when the need arises to overtake larger vehicles. There are several reasons why passing a larger vehicle, such as a truck, increases the risk of collisions and a crash with a larger vehicle can be catastrophic.

As a result, it is worth considering some ways to reduce the risk of injury. Outlined below are 3 things to keep in mind when overtaking trucks and larger vehicles.

Pay attention to blind spots

All vehicles have areas surrounding them which the driver is unable to see. These locations are commonly referred to as blind spots. Trucks and commercial vehicles generally cannot make use of rearview mirrors or windows, therefore their blind spots are more pronounced. One way to reduce the risk of a blind spot collision is to increase the chances that a driver can see you. You can do this by making sure that you are in the view of their side mirrors.

Signal in plenty of time

Before changing lanes, it’s wise to signal as early as possible. This will allow the truck driver to prepare for your maneuver. For example, they may be able to reduce their speed slightly, making it safer for you to pass. Sudden movements may prompt a driver to panic, which increases the chances of error and collision.

Maintain a safe distance

It is inadvisable to drive too closely either to the rear or front of a truck or commercial vehicle. Typically, larger vehicles require much longer braking distances and are more difficult to maneuver. Maintaining a safe distance will help to ensure that drivers have enough time to react in the event that something goes wrong.

Considering ways to reduce the risks involved in overtaking large vehicles could be in your best interests. If you have been injured in an auto accident, there are legal options open to you.