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How do doctors treat bone fractures?

On Behalf of | Dec 23, 2021 | Firm News

After a recent car accident, your doctor diagnosed you with a broken bone. You know you have a case against the at-fault party, but you do not know how much to seek in damages for medical treatment.

WebMD explains how medical professionals treat bone fractures. Once you understand your treatment options, you could have a better idea of how much your motor vehicle accident cost you.

Emergency treatment

The right way to transport someone with a suspected bone fracture to the emergency room is to protect the injured area using a splint made from a stiff material wrapped in gauze.

Setting fractured bone

Medical professionals set fractured bones, so they heal properly. “Closed reduction” is when doctors do not use surgery to set a damaged bone. A more severe fracture may require surgery before being set, known as “open reduction.”  Sometimes, patients require rods, pins, plates or screws to ensure the bone does not move.

Fracture immobilization

Patients receive a splint, traction or cast after setting to stimulate healing and address discomfort. To further reduce pain, injured persons may receive a prescription for pain medication. They could also take antibiotics to ward off infection.


No matter if a person uses a cast, doctors often recommend starting physical rehabilitation as quickly as possible. The reason for scheduling rehab so soon is to improve blood flow, maintain muscle tone, promote healing and avoid tightness and blood clots.

Splint or cast removal

After a cast or splint comes off, patients should ease into using the affected area. It may take four to six weeks before normal functioning and strength return.

Getting the facts on bone fracture treatment could bring you peace of mind. Together, you and your doctor may decide your next steps.