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What are common distractions that lead to an accident?

On Behalf of | Mar 15, 2022 | Personal Injury

During a trip, people may look around on the road and notice various other people driving while distracted.

The reasons for this phenomenon may take them by surprise, but learning more about it can help them stay safe.

Using cell phones

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, using or talking on a cell phone can severely limit a person’s ability to pay attention to other drivers. Whether drivers are using hands-free devices or are taking one hand off the steering wheel to hold a physical phone, they are risking sideswiping or ramming into another vehicle.

Since holding a discussion requires someone to focus on facts and details that do not relate to driving, a person may not notice other cars or pedestrians walking in front of them or switching lanes.

Eating and drinking

Although people may not assume getting a quick bite to eat could cause any problems as they drive, this action can distract them. Unwrapping bags or papers as well as reaching and looking down to pick food up leaves their hands occupied.

People’s eyes are also looking away from traffic at this time, which means their reaction time is shorter than normal. This kind of distraction can serious injuries since it reduces their ability to swerve or stop their car in time to prevent a crash.

Paying attention to passengers

Having a fight or intense discussion with the passengers in a car while driving can make it hard to concentrate on traffic. Not only should drivers avoid looking away from their mirrors or windscreen as they talk, but they should pay attention to how fast they are going since it is easy to accidentally speed.