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How your career choice may increase your risk for divorce

On Behalf of | Jan 18, 2021 | Family Law

There’s no one reason why couples decide to split up. Factors that may lead them to do so include growing out of love with one another and infidelity.

A recent analysis of U.S. Census data by the career website Zippia suggests that a spouse’s profession may affect a couple’s likelihood of splitting up as well.

What professions have high divorce rates?

Zippia’s analysis shows that at least 18% of supply chain managers end up divorcing due to their stress on the job. Meanwhile, 17% of auto mechanics split up from their spouses. The career website points out that these professionals’ average annual salary is $39,550. Zippia attributes mechanics’ relatively high divorce rate to the fact that they may feel they earn too little for what they do.

Individuals who care for animals or work in chemical research and testing, food service or as library assistants each have a 15% divorce rate. Career analysts point to exhaustion as the primary reason some animal caregivers have problems in their marriages. They point to low pay as the reason food service and library workers may not have successful marriages.

A few other professionals that have high divorce rates include health care diagnostic technicians and engineers. It hovers around 14% for each of these professions. Health care employees often work holiday, weekend and night shifts. Engineers often travel for work. Fluctuating or irregular schedules and frequent trips make it difficult to maintain a thriving marriage.

Zippia’s analysis shows that the likelihood of military servicemembers splitting from their spouses hovers around 15%. The divorce rates are higher among those holding specific ranks and roles, though. First-line military supervisors have a 30% divorce rate. Those who work in tactical operations or with air weapons have a 17% chance of divorcing while still on active duty due to the stress involved in holding such a position.

What you should do if you’re considering divorce

No one goes in to their marriage expecting to get a divorce. However, circumstances can change, making it seem like the right option for you. The emotional baggage that comes with an unraveling marriage can be difficult enough of a burden to bear. A family law attorney can help you negotiate the terms of your divorce with your spouse so that you can focus on moving forward with the next chapter in your life.