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Safety features do not always reduce serious car crash injuries

On Behalf of | Mar 23, 2021 | Personal Injury

Many vehicle owners in Arizona make the decision to purchase an automobile based on safety features. Modern cars can now come equipped with outstanding technological advancements that include automated driving functions and warnings. Automatic braking systems and enhanced drive chains are also part of the focus on high quality safety features that began back when seat belts and air bags were first installed in vehicles. These additions were not perfect, as drivers are learning today regarding these very air bags that began the trend of safety focus. There are now several lawsuits regarding exploding air bags, which is one of the worst problems. However, the features are getting better, especially regarding dangerous driving situations.

Deceptive safety ratings

Just as with any other poll or survey, the findings of an automobile safety test can be deceptive. There have indeed been several safety upgrades to vehicles, especially electronic features. But, what the safety features tend to do is prevent some accidents from happening as opposed to reducing the severity of injuries as seat belts and air bags have done.

Improvements that help prevent accidents

There are several technological improvements that personal injury attorneys say do assist drivers in preventing accidents. Sensors that indicate when a vehicle is departing from a specific lane can be an excellent warning device when in congested traffic. In addition, blind spot awareness and forward motion detectors can also help with respect to following too closely behind a leading vehicle. These are common features on contemporary vehicles that have consistently rated as TSP automobiles in safety studies by both the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Insurance Institution for Higher Safety.

As time goes on and older vehicles vanish from the highways, new safety features will increase in the impact they have on reducing the number of accidents. And when these are coupled with new technological requirements in the commercial trucking industry, the overall accident rate could also be affected as well as we move toward eventual automated driving on a mass scale.