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Making a personal call from jail could complicate your case

On Behalf of | Apr 8, 2021 | Criminal Defense

People dealing with police officers or jail guards often need to actively assert their rights to protect themselves. Demanding your right to make a phone call after police officers arrest you in Arizona can seem like a smart move.

Many people use this opportunity to ask someone to help bail them out or to get in touch with their attorney. Other people will make personal calls to talk to family members or friends. However, that’s a decision that could actually be a major mistake. Although many people presume that they have the right to privacy when making a call after their arrest, nothing could be further from the truth.

You are under intense scrutiny as someone in  custody

Once the police arrest you, they watch and document everything you do. Giving inmates access to telecommunication devices has proven to be a useful tool for law enforcement. Even when the phone system itself and posted information about it warn people that calls are monitored and recorded, people still say things on the phone that could implicate them in court.

Before you make a call, it’s important to remember that what you and those you speak with say could wind up presented to a jury eventually. Many times, it is better to wait to make personal calls until after you secure your release.

If you absolutely must call someone, being careful about what you say is crucial to your defense.  Using your call to talk to a lawyer about your release or criminal defense could be a better decision than making a call to someone else to vent or ask for help.