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Even a DUI misdemeanor can affect your future in negative ways

On Behalf of | May 23, 2022 | Criminal Defense

There are three classes of misdemeanors in the state of Arizona. Class 3 is the least severe charge while Class 1 is the most severe.

Any DUI misdemeanor on your record may be enough to disrupt your plans for the future, even if it is only a Class 3 conviction.

Facing current problems

If you have never been arrested before, or even if you have, the experience can be unnerving. A  conviction for driving under the influence of alcohol can include jail time of up to six months and fines of up to $1,000, depending on the misdemeanor level. Of course, you also face the suspension of your driving privileges. Once your license is restored, the court may order you to participate in a period of community service and have an ignition interlock device installed in any vehicle you drive.

Looking at future consequences

Even if you have a Class 3 conviction, the least onerous of the three DUI misdemeanors, you may face future difficulties. To begin with, a DUI conviction will remain on your record for years. If your current job involves driving, your employer might terminate you. If you are looking for a new job, recruiters may pass you over in favor of an applicant with a clean record. Your auto insurance company may see you as high risk and either cancel your policy or issue a new one at a much higher rate.

Taking a stand

Remember that you have rights and future plans to protect. Mistakes can occur in an arrest for a suspected DUI misdemeanor. You can challenge the charge against you with the help of an advocate and a  well-prepared defense strategy that will provide the best outcome possible for your case.