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Is it illegal to be intoxicated in public in Arizona?

On Behalf of | May 31, 2022 | Criminal Defense

Bar hopping in a city’s downtown area is a fun pastime for many people, allowing them to socialize and walk between venues rather than drive. However, depending on how much alcohol you have to drink, this may come with the charge of public intoxication in some states.

It is always illegal to drive while intoxicated. However, is it illegal to be drunk in public in Arizona?

It is not illegal

Unlike in some states, public intoxication is not illegal in Arizona. However, while you may not face a criminal charge, you could still go to jail or a treatment center if officials deem you to be a danger to yourself or others. You may also receive the charge of disorderly conduct if you are unreasonably loud or intend to provoke a fight while intoxicated. But rest assured that you should not get an arrest for simply appearing intoxicated without causing any problems.

Stay safe

While it is not illegal to be under the influence of alcohol in public, remember to know your limits in order to avoid other consequences of drinking excessively. One of these consequences comes from driving under the influence of substances such as alcohol and marijuana. Arizona has strict DUI penalties which include hefty jail time and fines for even the first offense. These penalties only increase as you receive subsequent arrests.

When you are aware of the various laws in a state or municipality, you can make sure to avoid breaking those laws. This is especially important when you are visiting an unfamiliar location.