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The three most common car crash injuries and why they happen

On Behalf of | Jun 8, 2022 | Personal Injury

No one expects to become the victim of a vehicle crash, but accidents take place across the state of Arizona every day.

Here are three of the most common injuries that occur and why they happen.

1. Neck injuries

The violent impact from a car crash, even a minor rear-end collision, may cause the head to jerk forward and backward with enough force to cause a neck injury or even a cervical spine injury. In response, the body releases adrenaline, which can mask pain and injury temporarily. The victim might not experience symptoms for hours if not days after the crash.

2. Shoulder injuries

The shoulder is a complex joint and fractures can occur in more than one area. A shoulder injury is common in a T-bone crash where another car strikes the side of the victim’s vehicle. A severe fracture often requires surgery. A reduction in shoulder mobility may follow.

3. Head injuries

During a vehicle crash, the driver’s head may hit the steering wheel while a passenger’s head may hit the dashboard. The impact of a crash can cause the brain to move against the inside of the skull, causing damage to brain cells. Other than fleeting pain, symptoms of a concussion or more severe brain injury may not appear right away. Treatment may include surgery and a rehabilitation program. The effects of a traumatic brain injury (TBI) may last a lifetime.

Compensation concerns

Prompt medical attention is always advisable even after a minor crash since there could be underlying injuries. The victim of a crash has the right to expect insurance compensation to cover medical bills, lost wages and more.